Fireproof Enclosures Users List
Date: Monday, October 03 @ 09:59:09 CDT
Topic: FireProofing

User Reference List for Fireproof Enclosures™

  • Amoco Oil, Texas City, TX
  • Aramco, Saudi Arabia
  • Arco Petroleum, Channelview, TX
  • Corpoven, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
  • Ecopetro, Columbia
  • Exxon Chemical, Baytown, TX
  • Exxon USA, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Exxon USA, Baytown, TX
  • Exxon USA, Bayway, NJ
  • Exxon USA, Benecia, CA
  • Exxon USA, Billings, MT
  • Marathon Oil, Donaldsville, LA
  • Marathon Oil, Texas City, TX
  • Mobil Oil, Beaumont, TX
  • OxyChem, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Phillips Petroleum, Borger, TX
  • Phillips Petroleum, Old Ocean, TX
  • Shell, Tabango, Philippines
  • Sun Oil, Toledo, OH
  • Texaco, Convent, LA
  • Texaco, Port Arthur, TX
  • Texaco, Wilmington, CA

Fireproof Enclosures™ have also been used in a variety of petrochemical plants, which process olefins, ethylene, and other flammable products.

Custom Designed Enclosures are manufactured to customer requirements in size, support, and protected component access. Contact Thermal Designs, Inc at 713-433-8110 or for further information on how to protect your critical controls and save your facility from catastrophic shut down.

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