Fireproof Enclosures Specification Sheet
Date: Monday, October 03 @ 09:58:30 CDT
Topic: FireProofing

Fireproof Enclosures™ Specification

Thermal Designs, Inc. Fireproof Enclosures™ are designed to maintain electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment fully operational in a 2000°F hydrocarbon fire as defined by API 2218 in accordance with UL 1709 Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel. Available in many sizes with fire protection capability of either 30 minutes or 1 hour (2” or 4”)

1.0 Physical Requirements:

1.1 Fireproof Enclosure™ construction shall be of 304 stainless steel framing, with welded joints, and 1” x 1” (30 minute fireproofing) or 2” x 2” (1 hour fireproofing) step joint flanges on panel mating surfaces and access doors.

1.2 Fireproofing will be provided by alumina ceramic fibers molded into the stainless steel frames in a wet slurry vacuum molding process.

1.3 All internal and external surfaces of the panels will be sealed with an epoxy sealer.

1.4 All external surfaces will be protected from the environment by 35-42 mil (DFT) of UV inhibited, aliphatic polyurethane coating.

1.5 Enclosures shall provide access for controls

    1.5.1 Preferred method is via hinged, access doors.

    1.5.2 Where possible, hand wheels and declutch mechanisms shall be extended through the enclosure wall, enabling operation without opening the enclosure.

    1.5.3 Pushbuttons and local electrical controls may be accessed via hinged access doors.

1.6 Field removable enclosure panels will bolt together, using SS captive fasteners.

1.7 Support to attach the enclosure to the protected equipment shall be provided.

    1.7.1 All materials shall be painted or plated unless of stainless steel

2.0 Installation:

2.1 All enclosures shall be designed to allow installation on in-service equipment

2.2 Construction drawings will be sent for approval.

    2.2.1 A copy of the construction drawings shall be provided with the shipment of the enclosure.

2.3 Installation instructions or drawings shall be sent as required by the customer.

2.4 Adequate materials for sealing of field-made modifications will be provided.

2.5 Fireproof Enclosures™ shall be tagged with the TDI Job Number for reference.

3.0 Warranty and Service:

3.1 Thermal Designs, Inc. warrants the quality of workmanship and materials to be free of defects for one (1) year after arrival at site.

3.2 Approved drawings shall be retained in the vendors job file.

    3.2.1 Replacement panels may be ordered from the drawing, by drawing number.

4.0 Customer Responsibilities:

4.1 The customer or his authorized representative must evaluate fireproofing needs and requirements.

    4.1.1 Include all ancillary equipment critical for the equipment to properly function in an emergency shutdown activity. This may include brackets, regulators, limit switches, fireproof electrical wiring or other components.

4.2 The Customer or his authorized representative is responsible for ensuring the drawings are correct prior to construction.

    4.2.1 No Construction will begin until a signed, approved copy of the drawing is returned to Thermal Designs, Inc. via fax, postal mail, or e-mail.

    4.2.2 Any replacing or rerouting of electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic lines is the responsibility of the client.

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